Tuesday, June 21, 2011

19 weeks....only 21 more to go!!

I had an OB appt today and all is looking good. Baby "R.A.P" had a heart rate in the 150's and he was moving all around. I haven't gained any weight in the last 7 weeks, the Dr wasn't too thrilled about that (I personally was happy to hear that LOL) but she isn't worried either. With a toddler to chase around it's no surprise. Ethan definitely keeps me busy and active. I go for the big ultra sound on July 8. We don't really have any concerns about the pregnancy, no questions, so it was a simple appointment today. Compared to my pregnancy with Ethan I am doing great. By this point with Ethan I felt sick all the time, tired all the time, and just overall didn't feel great. This time around I have more energy and feel great. It's like they say no pregnancy is a like. Now I just need to hope that this one is a little more calmer than Ethan or I am so going to have my hands full when he becomes mobile!