Tuesday, July 19, 2011

16 weeks left!

Hello out there from inside my mommy's tummy! I have been a very busy boy. Well OK I've been busy kicking my mom. I like to remind her just how busy I am going to be when I come into the world. He he he. She likes to tell me all the time how I am so like my big brother Ethan. Apparently he was the same way when he was inside her tummy. I guess the only difference is I'm not causing her any grief (yet anyways, just wait until I get here). Anyways it turns out that I am 24 weeks old instead of 23 weeks. Apparently my due date was changed and mommy was never informed. So I will probably be arriving somewhere around Nov 8 which mommy says is a good thing b/c that will give her a couple weeks before this thing called Thanksgiving (not sure what that is but I'm sure I will find out) to get over my arrival. So mommy and daddy only have 16 more weeks to prepare for me until then I will just continue to somersault around in mommy tummy and remind her in the middle of the night that I'm still here. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

18 weeks to go and counting!!!

I had my u/s today and everything went great. Baby R.A.P does not have Treacher Colins (which let me say I was 100% sure he didn't). He was not shy either he is all boy. In fact he was just like Ethan showing his boy parts all over the place, what a little stinker! The tech had a hard time getting a good look at his heart b/c he kept keeping his arms tight up to his chest and then drawing his legs in or he was turning his back to her. She kept making me roll from one side to the other to get him to flip but I swear he was folding his arms in defiance like he was saying "You can have Mom turn in any direction but I'm not moving!" Eventually she got smart to him and was looking at other things and then coming back to the heart when he showed signs of cooperation. We got some nice profile images of him and she was able to get a few decent 3D images of his face but he was pretty irritated with us by then so he was moving about a lot. But we have seen his face and I know I am biased but I think he is beautiful. I have a feeling he is going to look a little like his big brother. I also have a feeling he is going to be as mischievous as his big brother. I told Matt while we were waiting to hear that they had gotten all the images that they needed I can see the future now. Ethan will be 5, R.A.P 2. Ethan will tell him:

"Here's what we do. We both go into the kitchen and make a giant mess. Then you go upstairs to the bathroom and make a mess while I go to the basement and spill kitty litter all over the place. We can do this while Mom cleans the kitchen. Then once she discovers the 2 separate messes we made while she is cleaning those we go and destroy the kitchen again. He he he, it'll be so much fun and boy will we get under mom's skin!"

They'll be double teaming us. Boy are we going to be in trouble! LOL.