Tuesday, July 19, 2011

16 weeks left!

Hello out there from inside my mommy's tummy! I have been a very busy boy. Well OK I've been busy kicking my mom. I like to remind her just how busy I am going to be when I come into the world. He he he. She likes to tell me all the time how I am so like my big brother Ethan. Apparently he was the same way when he was inside her tummy. I guess the only difference is I'm not causing her any grief (yet anyways, just wait until I get here). Anyways it turns out that I am 24 weeks old instead of 23 weeks. Apparently my due date was changed and mommy was never informed. So I will probably be arriving somewhere around Nov 8 which mommy says is a good thing b/c that will give her a couple weeks before this thing called Thanksgiving (not sure what that is but I'm sure I will find out) to get over my arrival. So mommy and daddy only have 16 more weeks to prepare for me until then I will just continue to somersault around in mommy tummy and remind her in the middle of the night that I'm still here.