Friday, October 7, 2011

Only 4.5 weeks to go!

My little man has officially made it to 35 weeks. I never doubted him for a moment that he couldn't make it this far. He is doing amazing according to the Dr yesterday.

Everything is going the way it should. The baby is head down still she was able to feel his little butt up by my rib cage and his head was down on my hip bone. He's laying on the right side (his favorite place) and he just loves to kick me in the ribs which has been leaving them very sore. I did ask her about the pain I've been getting on the right side of mt back right in the ribs. I understand why it aches but the pain is so bad I have been sleeping with an ice pack in it to numb it and make myself a little more comfortable. She said for every woman it's different it just depends on how much pressure the lungs are putting on the ribs and how much the ribs need to expand to accommodate the lungs to allow them to expand. In my case he is right up in my ribs so they are having to expand quite a bit to make it all fit. All she could recommend I do is continue with the ice packs and Tylenol even though at this point Tylenol really won't help. Once he drops the pain will most likely diminish and once he is born it will go away almost immediately. So unfortunately for me it's pretty common and I just have to deal. I was just concerned about the intensity as I never got this far with Ethan so I never experienced it.

My Dr is expecting this baby to make it to full term just like I have been saying all along. She did however tell me that should he decide to come sometime before Tues he would be perfectly fine. He is a healthy weight, about a pound over the norm and the last ultrasound I had done a couple weeks ago showed that his lungs are fully matured so he won't have any problems breathing. She said that he had a 90% chance of never seeing the NICU but if he did it would only be for 24 hrs for observation and he would be going home with us. Should he come after Tues he would be 36 weeks and there would literally be no reason for him not to go home with us. I do not feel that he will come before 37 weeks though. I don't think he's done kicking me in the ribs yet. I think he wants to torture his mommy a little bit longer LOL. There's a reason I deemed him my MMA Fighter. He's got some strong kicks. Somedays I find myself begging him to stop and explain to him that Mommy needs her lungs to breath. It's kind of an important thing.

We just about have everything done and ready for his arrival. I need to get out the onsies and get them washed, I also need to get the Pack 'N Play sheets washed, and get the cover for the bassinet washed as well. I guess I will have to go get some baby blankets to wrap him up in as well I was just planning on using all the ones I had when Ethan was a baby but Ethan doesn't want his baby brother to use them. So we will have to go out and get some new ones. I still need to pick up the changing pad from one of my friends. It's brand new she never used it for her son so she is giving it to us which is great because those things are not cheap!! Otherwise everything is all ready for him to come. Now that everything is ready I am really looking forward to finally meeting this little boy who has been kicking me in the ribs and causing me to pee every half hour. It's going to be so worth it. Ethan has been talking a lot about when he baby brother will come. He asks me every day if he is coming today and I have to tell him that he has to stay in mommy's belly and cook just a little bit longer but soon he can meet him. He is so excited to have his "baby bruder" watch Baby Einstein with him and he wants him to come play in his room. It's so cute. We have tried to explain that in the beginning his brother is essentially just going to be a little lump that cries and is full of smells. I guess he will just have to see for himself. Ethan has been such a big help over the last month around the house I really hope that he will want to continue that and be a big help with his baby brother as well. It's good bonding time when he helps me and it would really help him bond with his brother if he helps do little things with his brother. He will be a great big brother it's just going to take time for all of us to adjust.