Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finny's first Halloween!!!

Finlay had a great first Halloween yesterday. He stayed home and helped his mommy pass out candy to all the little spooks. I was planning on staying in the house with him and passing out candy but I ended up having to stand in the middle of our driveway so that the kiddy's would come to our door. I wrapped Finny in a blanket and then put a heavier blanket over him and held him to my chest so he would stay warm. I also kept the blanket over his head to protect his face from the wind. It was a chore passing out candy with only one free hand LOL. I managed though. We had fun getting to see all the little cuties come to our door. Some were so cute I gave them an extra piece of candy.

Finny has been keeping me up most of the night. He takes after his mother, he's a night owl. Unfortunately mommy is too tired at night to be a night owl b/c she has to be up all day with Ethan. Last night Finlay ate at 10:30, then he wanted to eat again at 1. No big deal right? Wrong. He did not want to go to sleep after his 1:00 bottle. He felt it was the perfect time to play. I tried everything to get him to go to sleep. I gave him his binky, I gently rocked the bassinet, I sang to him, I snuggled him, but he was just wide awake and by 3:00 he was ready to eat again. So I went downstairs to make a bottle and he managed to wake up his daddy who had to be up for work by 4:30. Daddy fed him at 5 and I was up again at 8. Needless to say mommy was very tired as Finny didn't let her go to sleep until almost 4 this morning then I had to be woken up by daddy's alarm. In the end 3.5 hrs was not enough sleep. Fortunately Ethan was in a snuggle mood this morning so I at least got to sleep in with him. I look forward to when Finny figures out that when the sun is up it's OK to be awake and when the sun goes down it's bed time LOL. Ethan has it down pat although he likes to question why the sun goes to sleep.