Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Bigger!!

Finlay too had his 2 month check up yesterday. He weighed in at 8lbs 10oz and 20.75 inches long. He's becoming a little porch chop. But he's still a little peanut. He's also mommy's little snuggler. Finny was also vaccinated yesterday so he was a little on the fussy side the rest of the day but he was much better today. He has gotten much better sleeping at night. He is now sleeping in between his bottles and is taking in 3.5oz with the occassional 4oz and he is wanting to go about 4 hrs in between. He has gone the occassional 5 hrs but it doesn't happen too often. At this point his eating is under control. He does still get a bit pokey somedays but I don't worry about it. As long as he continues to gain weight he's good. He doesn't have to go back to the Dr for another 2 months. That makes me happy I was getting a bit tired of traveling to Dr's it was getting tiresome b/c it's a long drive to his Dr.

I've started doing tummy time with Finny to help him get his neck stronger. Today he managed to push himself up for a few seconds. He doesn't mind being on his tummy he will stick his butt up in the air when I get him in that position. I occassionally nap him on his tummy in the afternoon (in his pack and play in the living room where I can see him of course)

Happy 2 months Finny!!!