Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finlay is SOOOO big!

My sweet little Finlay is growing up so fast! He is now 19.5 months old. He is such a character too. Nothing like his brother LOL. He loves to play with his brother. He is Ethan's little shadow. Follows him wherever he goes. He still isn't talking very much yet but there is no concern. The Dr said that they wouldn't recommend any kind of speech therapy until he turns 2 because before the age of 2 it really has no benefit. He is very good about communicating what he wants though. He does do some sign language that we have learned from Baby Signing Time and he is capable of showing us what it is he wants so there isn't too much of a communication gap with him. He doesn't get flustered too often with it which is good. Finlay is a go with the flow kind of kid. If things get changed up he doesn't care he's just happy with whatever. Although he seems mellow he is quietly deceptive. Currently his favorite thing to do is to sneak into the kitchen and get into the basket with the clean hamster bedding. I keep it locked up in the pantry but if it gets left open even just the slightest bit he will find a way in and will sit quietly in the kitchen pulling out the pine bedding. It can take a few minutes before we notice he isn't in the room with us because he knows how to be quiet LOL. Yesterday Matt went to the basement to start a load of laundry and I went upstairs for no more than 5 minutes. When I came back he had spilled a drink and had gotten into the hamster bedding. Amazing what that kid could do in 5 minutes time. He may make messes but he actually likes to help clean them up. He loves to help me pick up toys around the living room. Dishes is another story, he likes to pull them out of the dishwasher faster than I can put them in. I usually give him a wooden spoon and a pot then show him how things sound different when he bangs on them. He will walk around the kitchen banging the spoon to the pot, fridge, stove, walls, ect. At least he isn't pulling dished out of the dishwasher LOL. He is easily entertained. We recently bought him a water table to play with outside and on these warmer days he has been having a blast playing in the water. It's been a great toy for him. We thought about a sand/water table combo but we didn't see that going very well. We figured the sand would always be in the water LOL.

I haven't put hardly any pictures of him up. I've got a ton but I'm just lazy. I said this on Ethan's blog but I will say it here too. My hard drive on my computer went bad so right now I don't have any pictures other than what may be on my phone to post. The computer has been taken to Best Buy and they are attempting to retrieve my things from the hard drive. I was given a time frame of 3-5 days so hopefully by Sunday I will know what is going on. There are always pics being posted to facebook from my phone though. The computer is shot but I bought an external hard drive and that is where they will be transferring my info to. So as soon as I have everything set up there will be an explosion of pictures on both boys blogs.