Friday, November 8, 2013

Starting speech therapy

Fin had his evaluation Tues for speech therapy. He really only says 1 word at this time so it's time to get him moving on that. While he sat and played they asked us questions regarding what he does say, what kinds of sounds he makes, if we ask him to do a task like "Can you hand that to me?" will he do it. Does he play with toys the way they are meant to be played with as well as make up inventive ways to use them (such as wearing a pot on his head as a hat). Does his tone go up and down when he babbles, do we hear letter sounds in his babbling, ect. The next step is for them to review the answers to all the questions and formulate a plan. Then in about a week they will contact us to make the first appt to begin therapy. He will be working with the same person each week and his time will only be a half hour. So we should be hearing back in about a week.

In the mean time I have found this great app on my tablet that teaches sign language with songs. So far I have learned how to sign 3 sings. Fin loves to sit and watch the videos that go with each song. I will sit with him and sign/sign the song along with the video. He's learning just by watching eventually he will start to use some of the signs. It's one of the ways they will work with him during his sessions. They will use a picture, actual object, along with the word and the sign. We already use some sign language with him but he will only use a few of the signs he's been taught. He loves to watch the Baby Signing time DVD's. I have one set so far. I only turn them on as long as he is willing to sit and watch them. He doesn't have a very long attention span to watch the full dvd.

He's finally hit the terrible 2's. He's been into everything lately LOL. I will turn my back for a second to pick up the living room and if the gates aren't locked he is in the kitchen getting into the pantry. He will come walking out with a loaf of bread or a box of flavored rice. What's funny is I can't figure out what he is standing on to reach those things. I swear the kid has a 10 foot reach just standing on his toes. He has also taken to throwing his toys into the rabbit pen. I don't know if he just likes the sound they make when they hit the wire floor or what. So now I can't have the rabbit in his big pen during Fins awake times. The poor rabbit isn't very big so some of the toys that he likes to throw in could do some major damage to the poor dear's head. He's safer in the smaller cage upstairs right now. Fin loves the rabbit so we don't want to see him hurt. Fin likes to pet and kiss him. It's really cute the way he gives him a hug he likes to snuggle him right up to his face. He just lights up anytime he gets a chance to pet any of our animals. He's decent on being gentle but he likes to smack them in the face on occasion to so his "visits" to our fur children have to be supervised at all times LOL.