Tuesday, August 2, 2011

14 weeks and counting

Little R.A.P is going to be here in just 14 very short weeks!! We are so not ready for him to be here LOL. We need to get started on his room and there is so much to do. First we are going to sell the furniture that is in there. It was given to me by my grandfather and it was one of the last things he gave me before the Alzheimer's took control. Any money I get from it I am going to use to buy a few things for R.A.P that we will be needing and look at it as Pa's way of giving to his great-grandson. We have to get the chimney done and then we need to get the room painted as well. Hopefully we will get the repair work done in the next week while Matt is off. I haven't decided completely yet but his room is either going to be monkey's or baby Lion King. I saw the outfit at Babies R Us and they are both so cute. I will have to check them out again before making my final decision.

So R.A.P is 26 weeks today and he is a mover and a groover. This child has his days and nights reversed. I think it is his goal in life to make sure he keeps mommy awake all night. Ethan was totally opposite he was active mostly during the day. It doesn't help that daddy likes to get him riled up at night just before going to bed. Today we had the glucose test done and mommy was very happy that she only had to be poked once b/c the idea of 2 pokes was too much for me to bear. After that we had a check up and a certain baby was moving all around making getting his heartbeat tough. This time around I left Ethan at home it was just going to be too long of a wait for him. I am always in and out of the OB in under 40 minutes but with the blood test too I figured he wouldn't take it very well. I like to take him with me so he is involved with the pregnancy and he gets to hear his brother's heartbeat.

This little boy is going to be so lucky. He has a big brother who loves him very much and is anxious to meet him. Then again mommy and daddy look forward to meeting him in Nov as well. I keep telling him that he needs to stay put until then. He is not allowed to come early.