Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finlay is 5.5 months!

It's been a while since I last posted. I can't believe my sweet little Finlay is 5 months old already. He is getting so big but he's still a little peanut :) He is such a little talker (takes after his brother lol) especially when he's taking a bottle. He will just babble away instead of eating the bottle he scream for. He sleeps through the night. We put him to bed about 9 every night and he gets up with daddy about 5 and they spend some time together before daddy has to go to work. Then daddy will put him back to bed and he will sleep until 10. He takes a nap every day about 1 and will sleep until 4 in the afternoon. We brought out the jump-a-roo about a month ago and Finlay just loves it. He hasn't figured out how to get it bouncing but he just loves the toys on it. I've been working with him on getting him to sit up assisted and he has been doing very well with it. Since it was so nice out today we had the boys outside and I was sitting him on the grass in the front lawn while Ethan was riding his bike up and down the driveway. Finlay actually sat unassisted for about 5 seconds before he started to do a face plant into the grass. After that he didn't want to sit anymore.

As far as his hearing goes he is all set up to get a hearing aid. We had a consult last week now we are just waiting for it to come in. He will be wearing a soft band BAHA. In case there's someone reading this that doesn't know what that is, it's a band (like a headband) that goes on his head and the BAHA snaps into the band. It can be positioned anywhere on his head and he will hear through his bone conduction. The ideal places for it to be positioned is in the back of the head for when he is on his tummy or crawling and on the forehead when he is in a stroller or carseat. There is also a special back that locks so he won't be able to easily get to the battery compartment. We have chosen a Navy Blue band and the back will be a soft black but the audiologist was going to try to get a few extra backs in different colors as we should change the back every 3 months. We also will be receiving a special clip that has a stretchy thin like that loops through the BAHA and then clips to his clothes. This way should the BAHA come off it won't get lost. So sometime either this week or next week Finlay will be hearing the world around him.

Finlay's last weight was about a month ago and he was just a little under 11lbs at 4 months. He has had a steady incline in his weight since he was 2 weeks. The pediatrician wanted to see him at 5 months old just for a weight check. Even though he is gaining at a steady rate. I didn't agree with that so I cancelled the appointment. I haven't been too thrilled with her I think that she is a little too over-cautious with Finlay. I have no problem with a pediatrician who is cautious but she goes beyond that in my opinion. We are going to be looking for a new pediatrician. We feel that as long as Finlay continues to gain weight at a decent weight there is no need to monitor it on a monthly basis. He is just growing longer faster than his is growing wider LOL. You can tell when you hold him that he is gaining weight and just by looking at him as well. He has filled out nicely in his face and he even has a cute little pot belly. Finlay is doing just fine. He's not the worlds best eater but he does OK and he is thriving. Next month I will be starting him on fruits and vegetables.

We have an appt scheduled this Friday with PT b/c at his 3 month appt the pediatrician didn't feel that he was holding his head up very well. The day he turned 4 months old he gained full control. He pushes himself up with his arms when I place him on his belly, he started rolling over from belly to back which he now does it all the time in his sleep, he bears weight on his legs, and like I mentioned above I am working with him on sitting up. It was recommended to us to get an eval done so we are just doing it to appease the Dr but we think he is right about where he should be at this time in terms of his milestones. I think that the Dr isn't getting that he was born exactly 1 month early and he is hitting the milestones 1 month late. Realistically she should be taking the prematurity into consideration and base things on his adjusted age not his actual age. That's what we had to do with Ethan.

Also (as I was typing this came to mind) I should mention that I was looking through Ethan's baby book and Up until he was 12 months he tended to hover in the 20th percentile for height and about the 10th percentile for weight so Finlay is following in his brother's footsteps. I think that Fin will catch up by age 1. It will help once we get him on baby food I think.

All in all Finlay is one cool baby. He is just a little doll. He is always full of smiles and is just a happy little guy. Now all he's gotta do is grow some hair LOL.