Friday, March 23, 2012

Finlay can hear!!!

It is official, Finlay has his hearing aid and he is hearing with it. We went this morning to get him all set up. Right now it is set at a low volume to give him some time to adjust to hearing sound. We need to go back in 2 weeks for a follow up and she will up the volume a little bit. It is set below the normal level but the level he is at he can still hear just not soft sounds. For the most part he has done well today. Initially he freaked out and had a tantrum but he settled down after she played with the volume a little and got it to a setting that he was comfortable with. After we left there we headed up to see daddy for a moment, then we made a run to the mall so Mommy could pick up tickets for a movie for tomorrow. Finlay did not react well to the sounds of the mall. As soon as we walked in he started screaming, Even after picking him up there was no consoling him so I just made the decision to remove it from his head so he wouldn't go into overload. It was just too much at once for him. We had lunch and then headed home. He doesn't wear it during naps or at bedtime. He did well in the car with music playing. We'll see more reactions later when he gets up. Fortunately it's a good weekend for him to be starting out hearing we don't have much planned so he can just be in his normal environment around every day noise. At least he won't get over stimulated. I'm just so excited that he will finally get to hear his name and our voices. Thursday I was playing with him on the floor while the other 2 boys played outside. I had Fin working on sitting up with the Boppy and decided to get a picture of him. I kept having to get his attention with motion but still called his name. It was a little heartbreaking seeing him not respond. When we hold him we don't need motion to get his attention he will stare us in the face. I always talk to him just incase he is hearing but it's become more apparent as he's gotten more aware of things that he doesn't hear much. So it's exciting to know that he is hearing the world around him.