Saturday, April 7, 2012

6 months old!!

My sweet little Finlay is going to be 6 months old tomorrow!! I can't believe that! He is getting so big now!  Tonight we started the little porker on baby food. I gave him banana's and he was not a fan LOL. Ethan loved his banana's when he was a baby and he still does today. The look on Fin's face was priceless. He had his whole face all scrunched up and was sticking his tongue out at me. He didn't take much of it but it was a start.

He is very taken with his older brother. He just thinks Ethan is hilarious. The other day I was sitting in the chair feeding Finlay and Ethan came over and wanted to sit with us. He sat down and just held his hand and Finlay just started busting out laughing spraying me with formula. He can't even look at Ethan without busting into a huge smile. Most of the time Ethan doesn't have to do much to get him laughing.

Fin has had his hearing aid for 2 weeks now and he is doing great with it. He goes in on Monday to get the volume adjusted. He has never been interested in his toys before but now he is all about them especially his jump-a-roo. He just loves to sit and bounce in it. It took him about a week to get used to loud noises (aka Ethan) but now it doesn't phase him other than make him laugh. It was funny when he finally heard himself babble he looked around for the thing that was making that noise and then realized it was him making that noise. He doesn't really bother it much. He does like to reach up and make it whistle and then he looks at me with this grin before he pulls it off. He knows what he is doing when he does it he just wants to be funny.

He cut another tooth this week. It still doesn't seem possible that he is old enough to be getting his teeth in. He chews on everything he can but his favorite thing is daddy's fingers. Apparently daddy has nummy fingers. It won't be much longer and the little munchkin will be crawling. He is already trying to get up on his hands and knees. He just can't yet hold that position very long but soon enough he will have it figured out.

I was putting away the clothes that he has already outgrown today and realized that a lot of the outfits he only wore once or twice before outgrowing them and most of them were Ethan's old clothes. Now he is in 3-6 month sizes (no he does not need anymore I don't have space for what he does have LOL). I have so many clothes in that size he will probably wear each outfit a couple times before he outgrows those. He is growing so fast. He has long legs unlike Ethan who has a long torso. I am so glad I kept all Ethan's clothes b/c at least they will get worn by another little baby.

Of course Fin is a good sleeper. He goes to bed every night around 9 and he gets up by 5 for a bottle but always wants to go back to bed and then he sleeps until 10. He takes a nap around 1:30 every day and he let's me know when he is ready for a nap. He will sleep until about 4:30 and then he's raring to go until bedtime. He hates sleeping on his back and if he rolls over he wakes up b/c he hasn't figured out how to get back on his belly. There is just something about having his butt in the air for sleeping.

He is just a little cutie. We keep telling him not to be in a hurry to talk we get enough of that from his brother LOL. He can just take his time that's for sure.