Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the move

Finlay has been on the move now for about 3 weeks and he is working on pulling himself into standing. He has accomplished it once so far in his pack and play. Now that he is able to move around he is always chasing after his brother. He doesn't do too bad keeping up with Ethan. He sees it as a game. Naturally he likes to chase after the cats too. They tend to run from him but he is all about catching them and he thinks it's funny.

Fin had his 9 month check up today and he is up to 15.2lbs and 27" long. He is growing so fast. He's small for his age but developmentally he is doing great. Ethan was small for his age too for about the first year. He tended to hover around the 20th percentile and then he just started sprouting upwards. It will probably be the same for Finlay.

Fin is doing all sorts of things now from crawling, to holding his own bottle, to trying to stand, and of course he always has something to say too. He likes to put in his 2 cents on things. He also popped another tooth a little over a week ago so that makes 7 teeth (4 on the top 3 on the bottom).  He is getting too big too fast that is for sure.