Friday, August 24, 2012

First words

Finlay said his first word on Tuesday. Guess what it was? MAMA!!! That so made my day. We went up to the hospital to have lunch with daddy and then go to visit Grandma Judy. As we were sitting at the table eating Fin was babbling away when all of a sudden he just blurts out "Mama mama mama" Then on Weds I was sitting on the couch playing with Ethan (he learned something new on his Mobigo) and Finlay pulled himself into standing position (yes he has mastered that) and reached one little hand up to me and said "Mama" I scooped him right up and got big smiles from him. He is growing so fast. He started pulling himself up to standing this week, I now find him standing in his crib every morning waiting with his award winning smile. It won't be long and he will be cruising around with the furniture to guide him.

Every morning I get to listen to him giggling in his room because his older brother comes in and plays with him. He loves when he gets to play with big brother Ethan. He likes to wander into the toy room and play with Ethan. This afternoon Ethan was pushing him on the swing and Finlay was laughing and just loved that his brother was paying attention to him. It was just too adorable.