Friday, February 8, 2013

Guess who's walking!

Yep that's right! Little Finlay is now walking. It started a few days ago on Tuesday. Ethan and I were sitting reading his books from his literacy bag when Finlay took one of the books and just started walking away with the book. He had no idea what he was doing but once he realized what he was doing he stopped and carefully set himself down. Then Weds after lunch he was all about trying to chase Ethan so I had Ethan run back and forth across the room (there is never getting Ethan to stand still) so Finlay could walk to him. Eventually Ethan sat on the floor and was calling Finlay over to him. Ever since then Fin has been all about walking. So far he's managed about 9 steps at a time but he's all about it. I've got video of him walking, he was a riot.

Today Finlay is 16 months old. He spent his day playing in the corner with his toys and helping me put clothes away. More like I put the clothes away and he pulled them back out. Then screamed at me when I put them back. He was all about making sure socks didn't go in the drawer, LOL. He's also taken a liking to feeding us. He was trying to feed Ethan at the table during lunch and then later he had a spoon and a plastic bowl and he was scraping the spoon in the bowl (there was nothing in the bowl) and trying to feed it to Daddy. He is silly.

Here is one of the videos I took of Finlay walking. He was such a hoot!