Wednesday, January 9, 2013

15 months old!

Sweet little Finlay turned 15 months yesterday. Today he had his 15 month check up and all is looking well. He is up to 18 lbs and is 29" long. He's a little squirt but he's mighty. He is doing most of what he's supposed to be doing except talking but there is no concern about it. Last week he took his first unassisted steps. He's preferential to crawling, especially when Ethan is around because he can skitter across the floor in the blink of an eye but he will attempt to take a few steps as long as one of us sits in front of him. He's got excellent balance when he stands and the little stinker can pull himself into standing position without the need of assistance. So he's pretty much on track for the most part for his age.

Last night we took the boys out to dinner at Olive Garden and Mr Finlay decided that it was the perfect place to throw the coaster, his menu, crayons, and anything else we put in his hands. He thought it was funny to see Mommy and Daddy have to get up every 30 seconds and pick things up. Apparently this is a very fun game LOL. He can be suck a little stinker at times.

Finlay has just been a busy little boy with all the new toys to play with and all the exploring he has to do. He loves to figure things out. He has figured out how to put the cap on bottles and how to twist them on. Of course then he gets mad when he can't get them off LOL. He will sit forever and put caps on bottles. He has a lot of patience that's for sure.