Monday, August 22, 2011

Because this is our second child there isn't much that is needed for this baby. We are in the process of getting ready to start working on the nursery and will most likely start painting it this weekend. The theme for the nursery is The Lion King. Matt and I have discussed it and we have decided that instead of gifts if anyone is interested in doing something for this little guy they could make a contribution to his room or to the few things that we do need. I went online and created a registry for him so that everyone can see what we are going to be doing with his room and what few things we do need. I saved all of Ethan's clothes and all the nursery furniture. I have 2 pack and plays, a bassinet, toys galore (so please no more toys), a bouncer, jumperoo, diaper bags, and tummy time mats. This time around I plan on breast feeding and a friend of mine gave me her breast pump that she was never able to use so I now have one. We have a stroller on lay-a-way at Babies R Us we will be getting the Sit 'n Stand stroller. We have car seats as well. Honestly we don't expect anyone to do anything for this baby. All we want is a healthy full term baby boy. But I also know how people are when it comes to new babies they just can't help themselves LOL. I should know I do it to my friend all the time. I see something and it just screams out "Buy me" and I have to get it for her little girl. LOL. We just figured just in case someone did ask us "What do you need for this baby?" We'd have an answer LOL. So if you are intending to do something for him please check out the registry, you can find a link to it at the end of this post. But also Please don't feel obligated to get for him either. He will be happy just to be so loved.

Tomorrow I will be 29 weeks and this pregnancy is going like textbook. Baby R.A.P loves to keep me up all night kicking and dancing on my bladder. He has his days and nights reversed LOL. I am always talking to him about that but he is like his big brother, he will do things the way he wants to do things. During the day he is very mellow he waits until I am ready for bed to give me some good kidney kicks or do a tap dance. Last night he was kicking so hard we could actually feel the vibration of them on the mattress on our bed LOL. He is going to be one strong little man. I had a chat with him over the weekend and he has been informed that he is not allowed to arrive during football games. He can come anytime Monday through Friday but the weekends are out b/c Mommy and Daddy want to watch football LOL. Soon enough we are going to have ourselves a new little Buckeye Fan and a new little Steelers Fan (shhhhhhh! Don't tell Matt he doesn't know this kid is a Steelers fan yet). He'll be following in his big brother's footsteps running around the house screaming "Go Steeeeeeels!" LMAO.

 OK so any ways he goes in for a check up on the 25th this week so I will update again then.

Babies"R"Us - Baby Registry