Thursday, September 6, 2012

11 months old........

Almost. Finlay will be 11 months old in just 2 days! I can't believe that much time has passed already since he surprised us with his cute little self. He is getting to be such a big boy. He's figured out how to pull himself to standing and now he's trying to figure out how to take steps. He is such a happy baby and the complete opposite of his brother. While Ethan is rambunctious and wild Finlay is quiet and reserved. He likes to take his time with things and tends to just go with the flow. He still only has 7 teeth but he is always chewing his fingers. So far Mama is the only word he has said (unless you want to count Na na na na while twisting his tougue LOL) When he says Mama it just comes out of nowhere. I can't get him to say it when I ask him too (go figure) but then when he just sitting and playing with his toys he will just suddenly start saying Mama repeatedly. I'm going to be making an appointment with Julie (the girl who handles his hearing aid) and have the volume on it adjusted. Now that he is bigger and sitting well on his own she can put him in the sound booth to help measure where his hearing aid needs to be adjusted to. I will make the appointment for a time while Ethan is in school, much easier that way.

Finlay is becoming quite the little beggar when someone has food. He will follow us or Ethan around hoping that we will share. The other day Ethan was sharing some Cherrios with him. Fin loved those. Matt shared some Kiwi with him a few nights ago. The little piggy got mad when it was all gone. Of course Fin's favorite game is to chase one of the poor kitties around until they leap over the gate. He has a thing for Peek a boo because she will let him pet her on occasion as long as she can lay in someones lap. Carmel never shows his face when Fin is on the loose he remembers what Ethan used to do to him. Although Finlay is much more gentle that Ethan was but he still likes to pull their fur. Ethan was the eye poker. Fin just likes their softness.