Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Finlay!!

My dear sweet Finlay,
     Today you are 1. One year ago at 4:34PM you can screaming into this world. You weighed 5lbs 12oz and you were a whole 19.5 inches long. Now you are 1, crawling around, starting to talk, begging for us to share food, and starting to get into your brother's things. This last year has been filled with smiles and you have brought even more joy into our lives. We love you so very much.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!
Love Mommy and daddy

Finlay had a wonderful birthday today. He got to spend his first birthday with his daddy, mommy, and big brother. For a special treat he got to have his first ever frosty from Wendy's. He spent his morning with just mommy while daddy and Ethan went on a school field trip for Ethan's preschool. We played and then he took a little nap on my shoulder looking oh so precious. After dinner we gave him his gifts. Ethan picked out a nice little truck for him since he is always playing with big brother's cars and we bought him the Elefun ball popper which he just loves. He went to bed one happy little boy. Now he gets to gear himself up for his birthday party on the 13th.