Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting big!

I took Finlay to the Dr this morning for his 12 month check up. He weighed in at a whopping 17lbs 8oz and has grown to 28 inches. He also got his vaccinations which he sobbed for. He was all smiles and then came the mean lady who caused pain in his little legs. He was still hiccuping a bit when I checked him out and made the appt for his 15 month check up but by the time we got to the car he was all smiles. He fell asleep on the way to pick up Ethan from school. He's doing very well right on track physically. At this time he only says 1 word (Mama) and according to the Dr most kids have 3 words by this time. She considers that slightly behind but I don't considering that his older brother only had 1 word by 12 months. She also said that he is just barely on the growth chart. He weighs about what Ethan weighed at age 1 but is 3 inches longer. He's just long and skinny but he's proportionate so she's not concerned. He is just creating his own growth curve and he is growing at a steady pace.

Now that he's 1 he's starting to use the furniture to walk and he is able to balance for a few seconds without holding anything before plopping on his booty (good thing he has some padding back there). I've started to introduce him to sippy cups as well. He isn't interested much in bottles and he is the same with the sippy cups. We've started him on cows milk but he's not a fan of it yet. We'll continue to work with him.